1-The official language of the event is English. All the participants must speak English during the sessions; 


2- All of the committees are going to follow the Harvard procedure;


3- In the committees, access to electronic devices are forbidden during the moderated caucuses;


4- The dress code for the conference is casual-formal. All the delegates and board members should follow the formal/business dress code. If a participant wishes to wear the traditional or fictional clothing of their allocation, they should ask the Secretariat for permission before the conference. The delegates who are not dressed accordingly to the casual-formal dress code will be warned and expelled from the conference. In case of a repeated action, person will not be given the certificate of participation and/or an award; 


5- Delegates and every personnel must keep their badges on during the coffee and lunch breaks. Those who lose their badges have to pay the badge fee which costs 25 Turkish Liras. And those who do not have their badges cannot join to the social event even if they have paid the social event fee;


6- Delegates are highly recommended to be punctual;


7- Delegates who miss more than 2 sessions, cannot receive a certificate of participation and an award. In case

of an emergency or a health problem delegates must inform the Secretariat through the staff;


8- Participants will be expelled from the conference if racist, sexist, ethnic or religious discriminatory ideas are declared in the written and oral statements. The legal responsibility belongs to the participant;


9- Plagiarism will not be tolerated throughout the Conference. Those who are found engaged in plagiarism will not be awarded the certificate of participation;


10- Smoking is not allowed;


11- Alcohol is strictly forbidden during AKALMUN’19 –any instances of drinking alcohol will be reported to the advisors to be dealt with by their school policies- in cases of underage drinking, legal authorities must be notified;


12- Any type of drugs are expressly and strictly forbidden and authorities will be involved immediately in any such instances;


13- The photos which had taken by the press team of AKALMUN’19 are the official property of AKALMUN’19; 


14- People who are not a part of AKALMUN are not allowed to participate in social events even if they are acquaintances of a delegate, student officer or a personnel. Extreme behaviour will not be tolerated during social events;


15- The information requested during the application will not be shared with third parties and will be deleted after the conference;


16- Once your application has evaluated and accepted by Secretariat of AKALMUN’19, you will receive an official letter of acceptance and a mail including the payment details. The fees must be paid to the bank account that you will receive via email after you have been officially accepted. An application does not ensure acceptance into the conference;


17- Registrations will not be accepted by phone or voice recording. Records will only be accepted through the website;


18- The participants who want to cancel their applications have to inform the PR team via email, however once their application is completed they cannot get a refund;


19- The fees of schools must be paid in one total payment. Please keep in mind that the transfer fee is not included in the conference fee;


20- All the participants must state some specific information about them which will be written in the acceptance email in their payments;


21- By applying every delegate and personnel accepts the rules of the conference, hereby they are obligated to follow the aforementioned rules for the sake successful and delightful conference.


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