“The North Atlantic Organisation” is a military alliance organisation In 1948 aftermath of the WWII (Second World War) Benelux countries, UK and France have found the Western Union. It’s also called the Brussels Treaty Organisation. In 1949, US established a new alliance called NATO with Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the Western Union countries. After that Germany, Greece and the Turkey have joined to this alliance. Also after the WWII, in 1950s Soviet Union and its puppet states have found the military alliance of Warsaw Pact. Thus USSR and US have started the Cold War between East and West. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the newly formed Russian Federation has started to develop itself. Now, Russia and US locates its troops in the Middle East and the other  European countries. One of their reason is since Syria and Iraq is fighting against the ISIS but they’re not too strong to fight, Russia and the US trying to gain the control of the area and threaten the other sides. 

Participate in NATO committee and show your countries strength and defend your countries interests.

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