Fantastic Committee: Area 51

One of the most confidential and interesting place in the USA,Area 51 is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base.The Base's current usage is unknown however it is belived to be used for the development and testing for experimental aircraft and weapon systems.

Located in Nevada,Area 51 was established in April 1955 by the CIA,Area 51's purpose of opening was the development of the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft.Apart from the U-2 program other top secret military tests such as the OXCART program,D-21 Tagboard and Have Blues have occurred.The first unusualness for the base was in mid 1950s and this concluded  the UFO sighting reports to emerge.In addition to this self proclaimed workers claimed that they saw aliens and worked with alien spacecrafts within the Area 51.The conspiracy theories for the base was highly convincing because of its secrecy,unusual reports and aircraft research.

Almost nobody is sure of what is currently happening in America's most secretive military base.While the rumours of Area 51 may be nothing than imaginative fiction people won't stop taking an eager interest in a place like this


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