Welcome Letter from the Secretary-General


Esteemed participants,


I, as the Secretary-General, it is my pleasure to welcome you all for the first annual session of Ahmet Keleşoğlu Anatalion High School Model United Nations conference. After all these efforts, the time has finally come! Our club has been participating various conferences to be experienced and ready. Here we are now, working on this project that will give you one of the best experiences you will have this year.


To me, the meaning of MUN, is the ability to debate and have fun at the same time. As the academic team, we guarantee you, our committees will be very beneficial for you and for your experience. Thus, we will be entertaining 7 committees total this year. Three of them are convenient for first-timers and will make them leave the conference elatedly to continue their MUN journey from a better start. And the other four will challange intermediate delegates to fight throughout every scenario.


Our aim is to increase the confidence of youth and make them think faster in order to find solutions in every possible events.  We have faith in younger generations in the matter of making the world a better place. And throughout every MUN conferences they have attended, this becomes a step forward to deal with the problems as an individual themselves. In our generation, we are expected to do the best in everything. Our conference is one of the ways that will make this easier. Don’t miss this opportunity! If you still didn’t apply, what are you waiting for?


İrem Alpçetin

The Secretary-General of AKALMUN’19

Welcome Letter from the Director General


Distinguished Participants,


As the Director-General of Ahmet Keleşoglu Model United Nations Conference, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the first annual session of AKALMUN. Our conference will be held between 2nd and ‪5th of October‬ at Maltepe University in Istanbul.


As the AKALMUN family, we know that our future is in our youth's hands. That‘s why we expect from you to become a person whose humanity and personal abilities is qualified. Actually that’s the reason why we want too see you in our conference to debate and find possible solutions for our world’s problems.


As the Organization Team, we have a lot of ideas which you have never seen. We have been working on our conference to make it as great as it can get. From coffee breaks to social events, we won’t let you sit down and get bored. And I highly believe that our conference presents you unforgettable events and experiences during the conference.


  I can assure you that you will have an unique experience. We are waiting you to join in our family! Don’t miss this chance to apply and open a door to your dreams.





  Director-General of AKALMUN'19


Sponsored by Selçuk Ecza

For Questions /  Contact us at: akalmun.secretariat@gmail.com

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